Unactualized Gains

gladysWith the arrogance of a youth, freshly weaned off the teat of the motherland’s propaganda, I marched toward a creative battle.  Confidence in the impending war wasn’t ubiquitous, but I knew this foe would succumb to our might in two weeks, tops.  Of course it would…I had a Janet at my disposal.   Her mettle had been shown against countless stylistic monsters.  Unfortunately, my prior experience in mechanical problem solving had forty hours per week, not four.

The funny thing about uncertainty is that ‘I don’t know’ can mean so many things.  It could mean the concept is so foreign as to have no connection or analogy to one’s personal experience.  Or, it could simply mean, given the known information, the result could go one of two ways.  The degree of uncertainty is uncertain.  Naturally, we all struggle with uncertainty, and we all have ways of dealing with it.  In the face of not knowing how to produce a weekly comic, I decided my theory was infallible and any uncertainty was down to a hand full of constants.

I write you now, dug-in, slowed, determined.  Jan and I put in a hard day on Saturday.  Much progress was made, but (like so many home improvement projects should have taught me) I had no idea how little I knew.  There is no progress image this week; we’re just too close to risk revealing the punch line to our non-existent audience.  The fight will continue.  Keep the faith.



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