Patience is a Virtue

rube“Move x-sub-one to the left, then square both sides…”.  Ruben stepped carefully from expression to equivalent expression.  “…wait, was theta-naught positive, or negative?”

The problem seemed simple enough, just a system of four linear equations.  Well linear-ish, three of the four unknowns were angles, and they were in trig functions, but otherwise totally linear. Continue reading


Zeno’s Potty Break

duckThe frequency of your child’s toilet stops is inversely proportional to the distance to your destination.

Where is the child’s frequency of potty breaks, is the original distance to be driven, is the distance traveled, and is the child’s coefficient of urinary resilience.  If more than one child is present, each child’s function will have its own coefficient of urinary resilience, and operate independently of all others.