Rumble in the Trees of Midcity Park

for-the-love-of-nutsDawn broke, dew settled, and the thinning fog revealed an army of truth function pairs, more than two hundred fifty strong.  The crows sent a messenger; they came for war, and they would not rest until mathematical logic dominated our sovereign numbers.  We formed a defensive ring, and braced for the onslaught.

The hoard came all in one wave, tearing through additive and multiplicative closure like autumn leaves, before slamming hard against the associative and commutative properties of addition and multiplication. Continue reading


Logical Uncertainty

1crowJan’s working on character development, and I’m not feeling very poetic, so here’s some logic.

In formal logic the conditional statement “if A, then B” specifically means: if A is true, then B is true; and if A is false, then B can be either true or false.  Thing is, spoken language isn’t formal, and spoken conditional statements don’t necessarily translate to logical conditional statements.  Consider the following sentences, and their interpretations: Continue reading